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AoTM: bug fix01.02.2013

One of our users (thanks Evgeny!) found a bug in Artist of the Month which was faking results but I just fixed it. Please regenerate your image to gain correct result. Sorry for this inconvenience. By the way - I'm working on some new features, but they'll be done between end of April and beginning of June, but I'm pretty sure you will enjoy it.

BIG problems with LastLabs04.09.2012

Hi. As you can see there is no application except Milestones right now. It is caused by big performance problems with almost all apps, except the Milestones. LastLabs become quite popular and our server couldn't cope with so many users. And well, that sucks. Now we are testing our applications on the other server which we bought just in case (nice instinct, isn't it?). We will inform you about any progress.

Modified version of AotM and some announcements13.08.2012

Hi there. First of all I must say that I'm very surprised how popular LastLabs become through last months. Comparing to, in this case, May, in July average amount of users increased about 250% (!). Seems like new design and new app fulfills their roles :)

But, on the other hand, it also increases usage of our server transfer. Because of that, I am testing modified version of AotM now. Unfortunately it may be quite slower than other version, but functionality is still the same. If you will have any problems with AotM since now, please regenerate your image. Anyway, everything should be done automatically. If it doesn't work, I will be forced to change LastLabs servers or hosting plan to more expensive one or even make AotM payable application (even if I don't want to do it). I pay for the server only from your donations, so they might be essential to keep LastLabs alive. However, I hope everything will be ok at all :)

Donate option for Polish users26.07.2012

This is information mostly for Polish users as LastLabs is mostly visited by them. Anyway, you can check out new Donate page. You can find there my IBAN and list of users, who donated LastLabs. Information below is in Polish and you don't have to use translator ;)

Nie wiem, czy to się w ogóle przyda, ale jeżeli ktoś z Was chciałby mieć automatycznie aktualizowane Milestonesy, to w nowej zakładce Donate znajduje się mój numer konta (mBank). Wiem, że w Polsce PayPal jest mało popularny, a tak może ktoś skorzysta. Jeśli ktoś wpłaci pieniądze (minimalna wpłata: 5 zł) to proszę najlepiej o kontakt mailowy, bo nie dostaję potwierdzenia na maila o wpłatach. W przeciwnym wypadku zostaniecie dodani do 'białej listy' pewnie dopiero na początku następnego tygodnia.

Small update for AotM05.06.2012

I've just uploaded fixed version of Artist of the Month. I've seen that sometimes artist photo was cutted off and if the name of artist was long, it went beyond the image. Now it's all fixed. And you can also regenerate now your AotM image, even in the middle of the month. Just check option in the form and that's all.

Welcome on LastLabs 2.0!31.05.2012


It's been a veeeery loooong time since something changed in here, but I was working hard on new design of LastLabs (and other projects too, but nevermind) and here we are. I can say now that LastLabs is in version 2.0! I'm sure you like new appearance of our (mine actually :)) website. Of course, except that new appearance there is a plenty of new things. Maybe the short list will be best to present you all changes:

I invite you to check out this new app. The coolest thing is that you don't have to regenerate your AotM image every month. Once you generate it, it will be cached all month and at first day of new month will reload itself. I'm still working on a better operation of Milestones with accounts with playcount greater than about 60000. Sometimes everything works well, sometimes not, but definitely I have to do something with it. It's almost sure that there are still a few bugs in my apps and on the website. I'll be grateful if you report me them through Contact form. Anyway... have fun with new LastLabs!